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" If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
 If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."
 Zig Ziglar

Business Guides

Rise Above Adversity Front Cover

Liza Jones co-authors book with American Business Guru, Brian Tracy

Liza Jones has written a key chapter for American business guru Brian Tracy’s recent book, RISE ABOVE ADVERSITY!


In it she describes some of the barriers she has encountered in life, and shows how she has challenged these and overcome them.


The lessons she has learned can be adapted to help others conquer their hurdles in both their business and personal lives.


Liza’s chapter is alongside other leading professionals and entrepreneurs in this multi-author book, which is available worldwide on Amazon where it has already achieved Best Seller status.



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How to Grow your Business in Under 30 Days Front Cover

How to Grow Your Business . . . in Under 30 Days

By Liza Jones and

Steve Hackney

Here is a practical guide for the owners of small and medium sized businesses on how they can grow their company quickly and easily by applying a series of steps, most of which cost little or nothing, but produce positive results. These proven strategies and tactics are set out clearly and systematically, ready to be applied to your particular circumstances.


Written by business mentor Steve Hackney and Amazon best-selling author and marketing expert Liza Jones, here you have a step-by-step formula on how you can grow your business in a few short weeks, using tried and tested processes, whatever sector you are in.


Get your copy today, and start improving your company's performance and profit.

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Emergeny Business Triage Front Cover
Emergency Business Triage

In the current exceptional circumstances, with COVID-19 running wild across the planet, as a business owner or director, you may feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights, but it is important not to panic.


Far better to stay calm and logically view your various options. Here is a selection of steps you can consider. Download your free 12-page booklet, choose those steps best for your situation and then take effective, prompt action.

For your free copy click here:



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