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How to Choose the Right Craft for You
Craft Book Front Cover

Here is a comprehensive guide to 12 of the most popular crafts which clearly explains what each involves, its background and what you can achieve. Now in its third edition, this popular guide covers topics including Patchwork and Quilting, Appliqué, Calligraphy, Lace Making, Jewellery, Soft Pastels, Beading, Drawing and Painting, Embroidery and much more.


You will also find many great tips from a range of leading tutors who run short leisure courses to help you decide what appeals to you, along with 63 pages of black and white and full colour illustrations.


Whichever crafts catch your eye, this book lets you sort out the right route to take and what your next steps should be to enjoy a great craft experience. And there is even a checklist to help you decide which craft you should start with.


Available as a downloadable pdf version (166 pages), click below for your FREE copy of How to Choose the Right Craft for You.

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