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How2Publishing is run by a small team of professionals who combine to put more than 100 years’ expertise at your disposal. They problem solve when you reach a crossroads, mentor when you need a confidant, or help you select the best way to change your direction. Perhaps you own a company but want to retire, while preserving you legacy. Or maybe you are looking for a new pastime or leisure pursuit. 


Life is not just about work. The How2Publishing enthusiasts make their wide-ranging experience of crafts and hobbies, along with writing and tuition skills, available to you.

So, if you have a curious mind and never stop learning, talk with our crew for creative solutions to your situation and ways to reach your goals. You are sure to discover something that intrigues, and fires your imagination, while opening up discrete opportunities, and you may just unearth something completely new.


Our interests extend to diverse fields, such as writing the book entitled Oranges and Lemons . . . and Other Citrus Fruit.  Who knew, for example, that lemons saved Paris from the plague, or that oranges in classical paintings can represent either wealth or prostitution?

And team member Liza Jones gives lively and entertaining talks on many subjects to raise funds for the local Air Ambulance (see )

Details of Liza Jones will be found at:

Some Of Our Craft and Leisure Topics

Patchwork Example


Patchwork is the process of sewing together small pieces of fabric to form larger designs. This can be done by hand or machine, creating simple or more complex patterns

Quilting Example


Quilting involves sewing layers of material together to form a thicker structure. This may be for warmth, as in a bed quilt, or to give more stability, such as for a table centrepiece.

Creative Stitch Example
Applique Example

Creative Stitch

Creative stitch encompasses a wide variety of textile art. It offers plenty of opportunities for creativity and often includes techniques such as collage, appliqué or couching to give a 3-D effect.


Appliqué is a decorative needlework technique where pieces of fabric are laid on a base material. The pieces are then sewn down by hand or machine forming unique designs.

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